About Us

an innovative urban streetwear and active lifestyle brand
producing trendy and stylish mens and ladies wear
focusing on quality, fit and cutting edge designs.
Sexy, edgy and avant-garde, more than just another clothing brand,
but a way of life.
do things your way… write your own rules…
& make your dreams reality…


train hard… work hard… play hard…
our clothing is styled to show off the male and female physique to the max,
focusing on fabrics and fits that achieve this.
never give up, never back down, never say die, push yourself to the limits
and be the alpha of your existence…


as dranged is focused on quality, fit, fashion and creating an ethos
of alpha mentality, our clothes are extremely versatile
streetwear that can be worn on a night out
or even to the gym (due to the fit and fabric used)
and fitness wear that can be worn outside the gym
(due to the fashion element)


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