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    DRANGED Super Soldier SERUM X Pre-Workout + HEAL Ultimate 100% Whey Protein Tri-Matrix Post-Workout.

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    DRANGED Super Soldier Serum X Pre-Workout

    An elite previously classified breakthrough in pre-workout compound technology, featuring clinically effective dosages of cutting-edge performance ingredients for maximal sustained physiological and neural output.

    Featuring the brand new novel ingredient – Cacti Jacked Power™ – a highly classified compound.

    Prototyped for true alphas deployed to covert black ops missions – Serum X will allow you unprecedented strength gains, muscle pumps and extreme vasodilation, as well as simultaneously enhancing mind-muscle connection and nootropic cognition.

    Serum X-formulated to take your strength, energy and mental output to heroic levels.

    Serum X will power you with ease through the most brutal of workouts, blast you through workout plateaus, spark the ignition from enhanced training stimulus and achieve true super soldier status.

    Directions for Use:

    Take one rounded scoop on a preferably empty stomach 20-30 min prior to training with 150 to 200 ml water.

  • R479.00

    DRANGED Ultimate 100% Whey Protein Tri-Matrix Super Soldier Heal Post-Workout.

    Utilised optimally post workout, or any other time of the day, this tri-component whey protein peptide matrix features state-of-the-art whey protein extraction [cold press and microfiltration] – to yield the purest, isolate, hydrolysate, and concentrate whey protein formula one can find on the market today.

    Heal, with its tri-profile whey blend of iso, hydro & concentrate, offers a multistage release of the highest biological value proteins.

    With the added state-of-the-art digestive enzyme blend Digizyme, to ensure optimal absorption and subsequent fastest healing of musculoskeletal soft tissue structures between bouts of rigorous exercise. This allows our soldiers beyond rapid rates of repair and recuperation.

    Over time and with continued daily use, unprecedented increases in performance and strength, as well as simultaneous reductions in body fat, are of natural alpha consequence.

    Directions for Use:

    Take one to two scoops post workout or as needed anytime of the day, according to body weight and physique goals.

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