✖We are looking for established as well as up-and-coming new talent. You don’t need to have professional photos done to enter the competition, any photos will suffice as long as they haven’t been drastically modified.

➕We are looking for ambassadors who can truly embody the essence of the brands and showcase the brands in a positive and appealing manner. We are looking for great character and personality, not just another show pony.

✖We are looking for guys with a healthy and fit looking physique, that live and promote a healthy lifestyle all around. It’s not necessary to have an extremely muscular physique to be able to enter. ALL forms of Fitness are welcome.

➕Anyone can enter as long as they don’t have a formal written contract with any other Clothing or Supplement brand.

✖This competition is open to both RSA Residents as well as foreigners residing in RSA.

➕This is a free-to-enter competition, entries will open on Wednesday,1st of August 2018 and will remain open until Saturday, 1st of September 2018.

✖The Top 10 Finalists will be announced on Friday, 14th of September 2018.

➕The Top 5 Finalists will be announced on Thursday, 1st of November 2018.

✖The Winner will be announced on Thursday, 31st of January 2019.

✖DOWNLOAD the entry forms by clicking the button below.

➕Read and complete the entry forms.

✖All entry forms must be submitted to –

➕All entry forms must be accompanied by 2-3 of your best pics. Photos must consist of close up / portrait photos as well as full body shots, you do not need professional photos, as long as they haven’t been drastically edited and as long as we can get a clear idea of what you really look like.

Top 10 finalists will be selected on Friday, 14th of September 2018 to participate in the first phase of the ULTIMATE ALPHA competition, the AESTHETICS Challenge.

During the AESTHETICS Challenge, all10 finalists will receive a Hamper to the value of R3000 each, which will include a selection of items from DRANGED & NUTRITECH.

We are looking for the ULTIMATE brand ambassador, this will be your chance to show us what you’re made of. Give this everything you’ve got, show us how you represent our brands to the best of your ability.

Top 5 finalists will be selected on Thursday, 1st of November 2018 to move on to the next phase of the competition and participate in the PERFORMANCE Challenge. The PERFORMANCE Challenge will span 4 weeks. Each week the top 5 finalists will receive a new workout challenge which they will be required to dominate, document and submit via video (Via Youtube, IG TV or FB TV).

Based on the results of the PERFORMANCE Challenge, combined with the overall results of the AESTHETICS challenge and overall performance doing the whole competition, one winner will be chosen.

✖R10,000 CASH.

➕1 year full clothing sponsorship from DRANGED to the value of R25,000.

✖1 year sponsorship from NUTRITECH to the value of R25,000.

➕Appear as the face of DRANGED & NUTRITECH in upcoming Ad Campaigns.

✖Star as the leading male in the ULTIMATE WILDCAT finalists photoshoot for 2019.

✖You are not required by any means to wear or use either of the brands prior to the competition, but making use of the products prior to entering does show us your passion for our brands and will count for extra points with the judges in making it through to the Top 10 finalists selection.

➕If you are making use of any of our products please make sure you tag us in the posts so that we can get familiar with your content.

✖Our view of the ULTIMATE Ambassador goes beyond someone who simply looks good, we are looking for someone who can INFLUENCE others, who can get the conversation going and interact with our brands. We need to see how you influence and promote, how you interact on posts, how you share content and ultimately how you influence people.

This means commenting on posts instead of just liking, tagging people in posts and sharing content as much as possible. It also means coming up with new, fun and interactive ways to attract attention and get the conversation going all the while promoting the brand’s image and lifestyle.

➕We are above all also looking for real TEAM players, not only when it comes to the brands, but also when it comes to fellow athletes/ambassadors, we have zero tolerance for people talking smack or trying to put others down, as we are all about inspiring and motivating the people around us.

✖We have zero tolerance for any ambassadors openly promoting the use or sale of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner, should any of the finalists be found posting about such products, they will be immediately disqualified.